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Mr. Alfredo Ricci established  the firm in 1896 giving birth to the Ricci Family Business.
Today, the company is still involved in transport vehicles repairing and servicing activities.
Leo, Alfredo’s son, in the early twenties kept developing the business and ran the new Family Enterprise “Officina Leo Ricci” up to the early eighties.

Franco Ricci entered the father’s company at the end of the forties and carried on the firm’s activities until 2008, when he definitely left the management of the firm that he founded, “Officine Meccaniche Ricci”, to his three sons. They have been involved in the family business since the eighties.

Alessandro, Giovanni and Stefano kept running the family business and in 1992 they established a new  company: “SERMEC”.
This new challenging business had the task to further develop the industrial processes started back at the beginning of the century, by their grand-grandfather.

With over 119 years of experience, the fourth generation of the Ricci Family is now running both companies: Officine Meccaniche Ricci and SERMEC.
It is almost a decade that the fifth-generation  (Franco’s grand-children: Carlo, Federico, Gian Marco and Nicola) has been involved in the company businesses too.
They’re learning the skills handed down through four generations: striving for perfection, by adopting the perfect competence and the best efficiency levels while serving all the aggregates applying the finest technology mounted on modern  transportation means.
Ricci Industries is a family company and we like to call our employees “Family Members”.
Ricci Industries has already welcomed 130 members in the team each of whom contributes with his own professionalism, education, culture and most of all his positive personal attitude toward improvement.

The capitalization of 119-years of enterprise experience has allowed Ricci Industries to developed innovative reconditioning and re-engineering processes combining high quality products with reasonable costs.
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